Choose Wisdom ~ An Original Poem

in poetry •  11 months ago


do sleepy sheep question
do rainbows calculate their path
do the old see raw comedy
in their anticipated tragedy

life is not a hopeless gamble
or the lay of scattered dice
apples for health, jobs for wealth
better to aim for wisdom

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Accessible, evocative poetry, @jrswab. I'm trying more and more to give up questioning and calculating, in favor of 'aiming for wisdom' as you put it (which, as I understand it, is radical acceptance and gratitude).

Wishing you continued success, my friend, here and Beyond,

Beautiful... I really appreciate how much impact you can make with so few words... that's a true skill in itself when it comes to poetry... Amazing work and thanks for sharing.

With love
Hart Floe


Thanks for the kind words!


My pleasure! A small token of gratitude for everything.. not just this poem! :)

Life is not a hopeless gamble...
Yet father lost his war against Nick at the turns of table..
Yet mother failed when our cries needed her to be more than able..
Yet our tears fell on grounds untroded by demons untouchable

I dare to say life was gambled on my heart..
When father sold his old black hat.

I love this poem. Nice poem. Write on!

Its a nice small poem but meaning big. I like this poem about our life .
Thanks for sharing @jrswab.
Stay blessed!

I m hear about poem, that will be touch deep in my heart, for this one, I feel different taste in my soul. I do not know what does it mean, just feel comfort with the word


Terima kasih kerana membaca!

Wow thats real deep. Especially the last sentence wich has a very good message to everyone. Nice!


Thank you for reading!