A Sheltered Heart

in poetry •  2 years ago

A sheltered heart lives
As an inmate of the chest
But through a slit comes light
For the songs of all things blessed
A sheltered heart is safe
From the ache of the outer call
Yet it knows not itself
Nor why it exists at all
A sheltered heart contemplates
And grows beyond all doubts
The space between walls shrinks
In joy, the heart cries out
A sheltered heart longs
For a world beyond the walls
But it knows not how to escape
Nor why they were built at all
A sheltered heart moans
And blames the other ones
Yet the etchings on the walls
Only this heart could’ve done
A sheltered heart learns
The origin of its pain:
The design for the cage
Were made in its own name
A liberated heart sacrifices
Protection to be free
A gift, well-deserved
And trusted unto thee.

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