I Promised You Poetry, So...

in poetry •  last year

Here it is. Hot off the press. Brought to you by JoyCamp.

I'd be much obliged if you shared it far and wide...

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On another hand...why you spread hate against manipulators? Do you know how hard are they trying to push their agenda? Come on man, show them respect... image


Good point...

@joycamp-benny You guys should post some of the old stuff thats on yourtube here too, if not on d-tube, atleast a link or inserted youtube video on it.
As some of the old stuff is too good for anyone new not to see:)
Like Archons and Happy days. That stuff is true digital art in a philosophical sense.


Oh, it's coming... :)

This is brillant! I loved it. Found you on davidicke.com. Glad I can also follow you on steem. Peace.


Glad you found me, Bethani :)

Good! Words have power.

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I could not have said it better. WELL DONE MY FRIEND!


thanks Troy!

Haha awesome job! You've certainly got a way with words!

You should consider making another STEEM post with the script to the poetry (unless this was some brilliant improv...). The more posts... the more votes... the quicker you're out of that shitty debt hole.

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Awesome! Never stop creating. Love this message. Onward and upward!


Appreciate it. Thanks!

Well done! Looking forward to seeing more in the future. Enjoyed this immensely! Upvoted and resteemed.

What a beautiful vid. This is excellent. The moral message reminds me of Dr. Seuss, although yours is nicly sophisticated. I'm so happy you're here.

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