Trapped By LunasChild8

in #poetry3 years ago

Anxiety can be tough to deal with...

I've known people who suffer from anxiety, feeling pinned down without knowing they were actual anxiety attacks. It's an ugly thing to deal with from what I have heard and witnessed.

Have you ever felt trapped?

Have you ever felt so much animosity because you can't seem to depart from a dark place?

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of LunasChild8; her poetry always seems to paint a very lucid image, leaving behind a distinct taste in your mouth.

That is what makes a writer great, isn't it?

In this poem she speaks on the cruelty of feeling trapped with no one to hear you cry. As you stretch your hand out in hopes someone will grasp it and pull you out of the clouds.

She is magnificent.

Trapped by LunasChild8