Mother Earth

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A poem about mother earth and its many wonderful beauties.

So many of us go throughout our daily routines and never look twice at the beauty earth has always offered. From the beautiful stars, the moon that shines upon us at night, and the even the oceans we have respect for.

She can be unforgiving, but you can not deny the many beautiful things the earth has to offer.

This poem is by Alisha Dhyani and she writes beautifully. In reading her poem you can feel her appreciation for what some say WE are destroying. It's titled Our Beloved Mother Earth.

Enjoy the read.

Our loving Mother Earth
This is where we take birth
With the help of heat
This is where we grow barley and wheat.

The birds tweet in the early morning,
And the branches of the trees start swinging.
All the poppies nod their heads
And all the flowers sway in their beds.

In the dark and silent night
The moon spreads its enchanting moonlight
The stars twinkle And the bells jingle,
It is a lovely sight.

We: the earth's people have become greedy
We prefer money to natural security,
There is reckless cutting of trees without any thought,
One day it will lead to drought!

The joy of life lies in Mother Earth's beauty
And preserving it is our sacred duty.

The nightingales sing in their lovely voice
And all the children play with their toys,
Earth is our dearest mother
Once gone we cannot get another.

Therefore Save Earth
For A Better Future!!!

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Great stuff, got me really zoned out and off to another dimension. Thanks for the relaxing minute.

Change must begin somewhere, maybe we the Steemians can invent a new social model and role of governance that will demonstrate how globally we can transcend the divisions and conflicts, beyond the destruction and despair that is killing us and mother earth.

Really this poem is very heart touching , Thank you so much for share this greate poem .

Nice thought...and dedicated by a natural I can requested you please safe hot-spot zone, Forest, groom...just a like your kids...

This is so beautiful.
We are one destroying this beautiful place.

Good Job!

Thank you-- beautiful.

And yes, we really do need to be better stewards of this fragile planet of ours; we're not going to get any second chances. Perhaps it starts with simple mindfulness and gratitude: Taking the time to just stop on a regularly basis, see the beauty around us, and be grateful for all the marvels we have...

This great poetry.... i appreciate this nature. resteemit done

I really like your post is amazing. i want to follow your way.motifasi good enough. thank you for sharing information very important for me ..

Yes, and I think to myself what a fragile Mother Earth is. One day all people will think this way or … they will have to find another planet

Thank you. You certainly have words.This is a very heart touching poem.

"Therefore Save Earth
For A Better Future!!!"

Those are really true words
It is only very unfortunate that human greed has taken to nature too.
Yes!!...Preserving nature is a worthy call and a " sacred duty"
When we fight Mother-nature she fights back too and the result is terrible.
Think of Climate Change.

I wish people could understand the meaning of this poem and also realize how badly we need to save our planet. This is our home, and we cannot get another..

....and preserving it is our sacred duty.
I wish a majority of earth people would heed to this

Preserving nature's beauty
Is man's sacred duty.
And if we do it wholeheartedly
Mother earth would reward bountifully.

Beautiful! Peaceful poetry, I really enjoyed it. I have to say thanks for this post, I hope more of this.

Perhaps you could enjoy something similar but in another form. Visit my post and tell me what you think.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Manu Rodriguez.