As I Grew Older

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Beautiful words we can all relate to.

As we all know, there are many obstacles that we must tackle throughout our lives in order to reach our goal...

We may all have our different paths in life but there are a couple things we all have in common, life and death. Whatever path one decides to take makes no difference in a sense because at the end we all reach the same destination.

Taking away the religious factors and what your beliefs are, we all endure an enormous amount of pain, love, and suffering as we grow and find ourselves.

At the end, we all die. Call me weird, but knowing that gives me a sense of connection to the humans around me. Whether I know them personally makes no difference to me. We all travel different paths to reach the same destination.

What you do with your borrowed time is the separation in this equation.

So make the best of it and conquer all you can with no regards of what is standing in front you, trying to set you off course.

This is the message I got from this beautiful poem and a beautiful message it is. If only I could give courage and stride to those who have accepted the belief that they aren't worthy to carry on and make the best of the time they have left on what has seemed to become such a bitter earth.

If you happen to be one of those individuals who have such thoughts then I hope this poem reaches and lightens the burden you have as well as motivate you to fight those inner demons and negative forces preventing you from truly exploring life as you see fit.

As I Grew Older by Langston Hughes

It was a long time ago.
I have almost forgotten my dream.
But it was there then,
In front of me,
Bright like a sun—
My dream.
And then the wall rose,
Rose slowly,
Between me and my dream.
Rose until it touched the sky—
The wall.
I am black.
I lie down in the shadow.
No longer the light of my dream before me,
Above me.
Only the thick wall.
Only the shadow.
My hands!
My dark hands!
Break through the wall!
Find my dream!
Help me to shatter this darkness,
To smash this night,
To break this shadow
Into a thousand lights of sun,
Into a thousand whirling dreams
Of sun!
Langston Hughes


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