THE REDOLENCE OF HER COLOGNE (An Original Poetry ➕ Literary Appreciations & Poetic Analysis)

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stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

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Like floral flight of fancy
a radiant burst of minty fragrance,
painting a scarlet dusk with a touch of orange
a gracious pint of flush,
ressurecting the nasal aesthetics
like the sixth sense awakening
aroma etched perfectly traveling
to bus stops unreachable

The redolence of her cologne
is like a citrus blend with strawberry
a gentle dazzling of lemon grass,
smouldering and simmering in unknown places
as she strides along Boulevards
leaving drunken shrubs
and leaves soaring
as her skirt grazes the floor
in a magnificent candour unravelled

A scenty scoosh of fresh cinnamon
grated over pineapple pasta,
leaving the scenario oozing with immortality
her coated lips savoured like rosmarinus
like a cacophony of fruit taste
dissecting the nostrils
and leaving a sweetness to recollect.

The redolence of her cologne
is like the perfume of home
the familiar brush of the skin
on softer mattresses
bringing a taste of delight
to the soul's appetite,
a fervour to cleave onto her
munching away at her tender essence
with the urge to die in her comfort


stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg


The redolence of her cologne is a poem that appeals to the olfactory sensory neurons, making a vivid descriptive statement and imagery of the sense of smell. In other words the poem tries to establish a relationship between the line of beauty relating to to not just the sense of sight, but extending it thus further in a very complicating deduction which he (The poet) tries to connote that beauty is even extended father than the sense of sight but can also extend to the other senses too.

Using Imagery the poet took his readers to an imaginary world of various fragrance that appeals to the nostrils, compelling a very keen aesthetics to the reader by speaking of cologne, painting images of fragrances from food to cosmetics, to perfumes and even mundane aroma like the regular one that dwells in a home. The keen smell of a peculiar home.
The Poem explains beauty without the use of sight tying a specific characteristic and way of smell of a particular female to address the ostentatious elaboration of his own type of beauty.

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

Written, edited & analysed

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

Visit my blog for more amazing poems


stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg


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Hi Joseph. I can never write poetry. You have a way with words. I think I tried to play around with words once for one of my fiction story and got annoyed because I couldn’t come up with anything. So I gave up and went back to writing normal, hehe.

The poem does conjure the fragrances and images being described.


Hahahaha Paula well sometimes you need an inspiration to write, maybe an experience that's really peculiar to your life, these things makes it possible for ideas to flow and you can then you can write lol I'm sure you can 😀😀

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how characteristic are the words for such a relaxing poetry .. very well @josediccus

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