THE COMING OF NIGHT (An Original poetry ) 📝

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Over the hydrated clouds
ashes ascending in plethora
Smouldering over the earthen pot
a tribal delicacy gurgling in sweet hisses
over the blue ember flames
the moon gently arriving
announcing the primal croaking of the frog
cacophonous rhythms of the forest chattering
blending with the evening air

Babies clunged to mother's breasts
like an infant leech,
on the fibre of the tree mushrooms
sweet lullabies and gentle patting
to Woo sleep into fragile one
men enclosed in raffia roof,
puffing to the oriental delight
and gulping the tree wine like a river nymph
filling their belly to it's peak
crashing out to the canoodle of slumber

the children are basking in the daylight of the moon.
While the grey heads tell realistic fables.
we welcome the rhythmic buzzing of the mosquitoes
as they grin from ear to ear in delight;
singing unwanted symphony

the coming of the night;
it's like winter changing into summer;
the cacophonous sounds of the wildlife
deep in the glade
serenade the still nights
as the wind clatters the windows.
sifting the grasses and whooshing in distance
yet silently still, so sonorous





Written & edited

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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Hi, what a beutiful poetry 😍, I likes the part of "The children are basking in the daylight of the moon" and the mosquitoes singing unwanted symphony. very true. Great post.


Thank you so much

I love the community of poets here! This is gorgeous!

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I love it! I hope you don't mind if I consider this as sort of a spiritual sequel to my most recent FreeWrite. No, that doesn't do it justice.. You took the theme and elevated it to a whole other level! Your words put me there, and I am ready. I am ready for night time. Great job!


Hahahaha well I think I approached it from an Africanised angle, you know a typical night time in western Africa where I live, hahahaha I'm glad you like it of course I'd be waiting to see this free write when you're done my friend.


Oh I meant my previous FreeWrite about The Sky is Clear haha!