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Art is this centeur's hauteur
burrowing through the gentlest of heart
with rhythms coaxed in grandeur
percussion, hissing melody
escaping through pippets
like a sonnet sung in threnody
Shoulders elevated like Gaza's pyramid
a contorted smile that pokes the breast
of gentle conches flowing abreast
the lathers from the sea.

A bard befitting emperors
a slayer of sweet symphonies
a conquerer with rivals
bested and downtrodden
a soul's food from the flute
a hubris that buys humility
with erstwhile gentility
a revered deity in flesh
a rewarder of them that listens
to the sun's heartbeats
when the moon glistens

Sitting amongst marshmallows and shrubs
making love to the earlobes
of them that diligently seek him
a swaggering struck of the flute
and fragrance beyond imagining is born
like an enchantment freely enslaving
the evening glittering
calls to the sweet tweeting
and the flute bard begins to serenading
lovers to a delightful night
and burdensome minds to a relaxing lullaby

Songs and rhythm the truest food
a lasting homonyms
a beehive littered in honey
the hubris of the flute bard
a simplicity of sung psalms
rendered like a foaming wine tendered
to thirsty throats and seeking hearts
to console the rich in spirit
and soothe the rich In substance.




Written & edited

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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Your literary work on poetry is superb.
in poetry the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Poetry is a spontaneous, overflow of the powerful feelings.. its origin in solitary places and recollected in emotions.
Thanks for sharing such feelings.

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