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swirling warmstar 2.jpg

swirling warmstar 2.jpg

On a hazy day in June,
plastered mind, heart jejune,
your voice, a rendition,
like the woodpecker's ballad
simmering through,
like the glittering of the sun rays,
into tiny spaces
wasted is the kisses,
meant for the thirsty cheeks
unconditionally flying across

a flagon of beauty,
spilled on a canvas,
for hungry eyes to feast on
like a sparrow, heart's in flight,
you've taken me to the clouds,
to bask in the sweetness,
of the evening firmament
and crashing on the rocks,
splattered love on the ground,

I'm tested and petitioned,
you're jury, judge and excectioner
nailing my coffin,
leaving me forlorn,
wanting your caresses,
like water in the desert,
the hunger is like is magnetic,
like your blood is stew
that nourishes the soul

We're walking on quicksand,
denying our life's in jeopardy,
anchoring emotions on the dirt,
you're like a redolence,
attracting beyond explanations
a spiritual bonding,
of the mountains and sunlight
a spiral humming and chanting,
that attracts evil
to the nakedness of daylight


swirling warmstar 2.jpg

swirling warmstar 2.jpgDQmcGTgE9ztQ7QmWESyE7uVqLrUqfbAa1fsTCod6dmsFYjP.gif

Written & Edited

By @Josediccus


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