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Gentle tapping
on the glittering surfaces
dazzling glimmers,
peeping through opaque spaces
blue balls winkles,
a blindness that sparkles
through the nerves of the retina
like mademoiselle tina
frisking away in gyration
of spiritual ballerina
unnerving the night's melody

Hands in hands
spins and whirls
toe dancing, tiny dots coruscating
lights like legion
like a beautiful mixture
Of shooting stars
colliding on the moon
toe springs, rhythms speaking
through the body's archs
enveloped by artificial nightingale tweets

Holding on
like a woman of easy virtue
take the tide away
with sounds sapping through
sapphiric tones sending the senses
to a voyage of no return
and letting loose
the cranky fortress
that leads through the laps
and giving in to the scintillating flame
that camouflages the night.

Twist and turns
the body's energy churns
a tasteful orgy burn
decapitating the demons within
breaking free and dazzling
carving into the spirit
a wholesomeness
chandelier lights abuzz
the music box gently travels
as the body enslaves to celebration




Written & edited

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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Marvelous... this gave me nostalgia

Reminds me of this piece I wrote a while back



Wow I'll check it out

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Beautiful Jose. My VP is too low right now... Guess I'll have to abstain from voting for a day or two

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