Meaning of politics.

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The meaning of politics-

Lies, deceit, betrayal.

Who is in politics?

The meaning of politics-

There is a box, a thong, a stove, a hoop.

The step-by-step in politics is cheating.

The meaning of politics-

Where the honest tears of blood sheds.

Unconscious in politics is a blur.

The meaning of politics-

There is artificial filling.

In politics, there is anarchy and admonition.

The meaning of politics-

Nobody thinks, we have to do the service.

Everyone loves politics,money only money.

 meaning of politics-

How many, how many people make their father?

All the parts of politics are sin-sinning-sins.

The meaning of politics-

This is a deep, meaningful cremation.

'Bhanu' has the solution to overcome politics.

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One sheep has figured out that the sheep actually can fight back and they don’t need a dog or a shepherd. One dog noticed that sheep and he knew what it was up to. He smelled a rebellion. Al what the dog had to say is “This sheep is one of us and you all better listen to it” This is Politics.sheep and dog.JPG

Seems to be nice explanation

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