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A day in a dawn,
awakening and rebirth,
gives the beginning to thought,
to a reason and a memory.

The emotion and that anger,
joy and anger,
that meaningless reason,
of repressed love.

In the turmoil of confusion,
from that reason of darkness,
the respite from that illusion,
that stops my heart

That memory that is so mine,
love with hope,
next to the wind she hugs me,
to a wait that goes to infinity.

Another wave more in my mind,
a wave full of anguish,
that floods my soul with my dream,
and the awakening of confused obsession.

Many memories go with my mind,
memories that are my cruelty,
and they die in that current,
of that insatiable loneliness.

Only there I walk,
where is the air that I breathe,
where is the reason for my path,
whom I love and will continue to love.

My thought excited,
scrambled, dark, excited,
dreamed awake and arrested,
walking, being born and dying.

All based on my thoughts,
in my mind everything stirred,
with the sea of

where for my thought.

As the day is born so dies,
the beginning of the end is already seen,
with the death of thought,
that next to you already woke up.

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