in #poetrylast year

mmaculate night that you invite me to bring her,

although his stay is distant, although distant his beauty,

but out of nowhere it comes out of the shadows,

so mystical and serene,

so beautiful and radiant, in your brios dreams.,

so full of tenderness,

in which infinite yearnings are glimpsed,

so fervid passion that overflows in their pupils,

grab my rapture, possessed his seductive tongue.

So cautious and so ardent, vehement and so simple,

open to my spoils ..., eager to be enraptured,

he omits in his blush, prostrate before my impulse,

ephemeral era and environment of eternal passion and caresses,

where we drown the sighs of prolonged synchrony,

the torrid essences of surplus deliveries,

Motivate in expressing my poetry in your breast,

of an immaculate night, of lust and love.

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