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When the cold wind
Turned the trees to stone

And the land was naked
And the ponds were cold,

Barely could the dryads
Slip from tree to tree

In the wistful, haunting song
Of winter...

I looked into her face
And our breath met,

A charade of words
And I longed to forget

The tree on tree that
Stretched away

And charmed the mind to sleep.

But then with one toss
Of her amber hair

Sunlight returned
And by her chair

Cold flowers were placed.

Gone was the shadow
Across my mind

And I was alone
In summertime.

© 2017, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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Wow I felt the emotion...I love the poem...and the picture ...beautiful abstract art :) upvoted..followed and resteemed :) :)

thanks, kayleigh

You are very welcome :) :)

Really nice. :-) resteemed.

thank you, athena!

You deserved it :-)

I agree I also resteemed it.😀

That warmth of our lover's presence.

yes... and a more traditional form of verse for this one

the cold of winter? alone in summer? hmmmm
Upvoted, Joe

ha ha, she was an enchantress and changed the season with a toss of her amber hair. I know someone who does that :)

ha ha on me, I never could get poetry

the connections aren't as obvious and sometimes the connectives are left out - that's why they say you have to read between the lines :)

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You capture the essence of love so eloquently. Bravo! :)

thanks, tina

Very splendid! <3 I like the 9th verse best. I wish I could be your apprentice hahaha. But really, this is very nice. :)) Great Job @johnjgeddes

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This really touched me. Thank you for putting a spark in my day!

I'm glad, @cryptomam. Thanks for your response

In trouble again?

You know my poems are always about my wife :)