Candle and Moon

in #poetry5 years ago (edited)


I have seen the moon
Hold you in its light
Candle your soul
And deem you right
For childbirth and joy
Sorrow and pain
And watched you give birth
Again and again.

Now the birthing is done
It’s time for you
But you can’t let go
Until you see it through
To hold their own
In your arms
As you once kept them
Safe from harm.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved



Este poema me deja un extraño sentimiento de pérdida, @johnjgeddes. La maternidad le da características casi sobrehumanas a la mujer. Es tan celestial su papel, que en el cielo las escogen. Pero qué pasa cuando esa maternidad queda truncada, cuándo la madre queda con las manos vacías? "No puedes dejarlo ir", y ya no es la luna la que te acompaña, es la vela.

Muy poético, Nancy - Me encantó tu respuesta

A wonderful poem to honour a good mother:)

thanks, Pryde :)

An ode to a wonderful mother! So beautiful. Nothing like holding a grandchild! Beautiful poem!

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Beautiful your publications @johnjgeddes are wonderful and helpful. I advise everyone to follow you and support you because you really deserve it

Are we getting all grown up and old?


That's a very good post. Thank you.

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