And Afterwards

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And afterwards
We grow to middle age
Watchers of rainstorms
Chasers of skirts

Shall I be the painting
Of a sorrow for you,
A lonely face without a heart?

Will the young girls despise me
Or lie awake nights?

Shall I write my age
On my trousers belt?

Or list for you
My loves in a notebook,

Like Dorian
Fair and changeless without?

While within, I pray,
No hater of winter...

No one the young girls
Would laugh about.

© 2017, John J Geddes. All rights reserved



I love your rhetorical question makes the poem so sensual and a bit uncertain, your imageries are superb sir. This is beautiful.

thanks, Jose -I didn't think anyone would catch the purpose of those rhetorical questionsand the underlying self doubt. Good work!

Just so you know i love your works sir, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

I appreciate that, Jose :)

Kind words!

I enjoy your poetry greatly.



Nice GIF buddy

Thanks! If you click on my GIF it will take you to my Library... ;)

I will do that now, i love your blog too

yep! I saw it in the rough draft and thought I'd remember to fix it...of course, I didn't, lol. Note to self: Do IT NOW!

This is beautiful.

It plays with uncertaintly but i sense no dread on it. Nor anxiety.

It's more like a whisper of melancholy. Like a wind of Autumn. Its beauty is delicate. Almost ephemeral. I love it.

It is an amazing piece, @johnjgeddes. Thank you for sharing.

that response is very poetic in itself, @flashfiction

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Another beauty, John. A little melancholy, a bit wistful. Our love changes over the years...middle age brings more changes and often questions of the future.

thanks Ceci - exactly! time changes us

Questions a middle age man asks himself. Impressive.

Wow that one is intense, nice writing @johnjgeddes

thank you, @nikonmarshall - appreciate that

very nice poem..bro.. @johnjgeddes

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Man this is so good! Keep up the good work, and let the poetry flow! <3

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True reflection of a masculine youthfulness.

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A sophisticated style that carries among it a bouquet of the best characters painted with a superior hand on himself

thank you, @para.normal - appreciate the encouragement :)

A poem like mind

Beautiful and deep. The reference to Dorian Grey and picture is particularly refreshing. Once again beautiful.

thank you, @rasamuel - appreciate the feedback

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