All These Things

in poetry •  last year 


You are
A lipstick squiggle
On a mirror;

A red star
Of a cigarette

In a darkened room…

The essence
Of night
Poured out.

You mystify

Trailing a fabric
Of stars
Behind you…

In your wake.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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To be so little and at the same time so much, @johnjgeddes!! All images refer us to light, to red, but also to clandestinity, to the ephemeral moment, to the fortuitous instant. There is a sensual air that illuminates, as well as the woman who arrives and is a lightning in the middle of the night. The sky illuminates and then becomes darkness, leaving the tremor in the air and in the skin. A hug

You rhapsodize and improvise so beautifully, my friend. Yes, the imagery of bright things and the sensuality of the colour red. You are so perceptive

Whaoh.....! How did you come out with this simple, few lines of sentences that is so deep and powerful reflecting the life of man probably in a mirror bravo @johnjgeddes

ha ha... it's taken me years to write like a child