Original poetry dug up from old lyric books.

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)


Shrouded moon in starless night,
flowers scent the air.
The summer breeze evading sight,
sweeps gently through your hair.
Inside a bed, of lilies red,
a weeping willow stands.
We carve our names inside the bark,
together hand-in-hand.

Within your ear I whisper clear,
a message soft and sweet.
And all to soon i'm sweeping you,
so swiftly off your feet.
Deliver me from misery,
so blissful in the dark.
That sweetened scent is all i need,
to start my sleeping heart.

An old poem I wrote that I found recently going through stuff, figured I'd share. Hope you enjoy it!


Your poetry and this picture very good, i see and i write suddenly my heart very happy and suddenly i forget how to cry and lazy

Lovely words mate..
For your sweetheart i reckon😂

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