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🅜🅐🅡🅨: Good! Welcome dear friend! I was just thinking about you. How much was it this time around?

Ⓐⓢⓐⓚⓔ: Uh! Nothing this time around.

🅜🅐🅡🅨: Nothing? And you let go without a knock. I actually learnt of no noise coming from that angle this morning. My friend, you are being too light.

Ⓐⓢⓐⓚⓔ: Ehn ehn! How do you mean? Knock him and use nail to nail his back to the wall so that he can't go to work yes? Let....

🅜🅐🅡🅨: Ah ah! What sort of question was that? Wouldn't deceive you.

Ⓐⓢⓐⓚⓔ: Shuuuu! Is that so? How much did he give you this morning?

🅜🅐🅡🅨: Ah ah! Just as always. More than enough to...

Ⓐⓢⓐⓚⓔ: Is that so?

🅜🅐🅡🅨: Come on why emphasising this... Let's talk about something else please....

Ⓐⓢⓐⓚⓔ: Ehn ehn, not so fast. Let me educate you. The money given you was the reason my husband could not give me anything today. Your husband visited again early in the morning to borrow, a...gain. Now you see why I should not k͟i͟l͟l͟ him right?

🅜🅐🅡🅨: Ah! Ehn ehn...

Ⓐⓢⓐⓚⓔ: Ehn....

Which one is Àṣàkẹ́?


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