Removing Valentine's

in #poetry5 years ago (edited)


Remove the flowers, the chocolate hearts
red and painted bullshit corporate cards.
Remove them all; burn the cards and call it love
cause doing me is so good it hurts your soul.

Instead of rose petals from the grocery store
tug on my toes with my calf in your mouth
while I'm on my back and you're standing
beside the bed; toss my hair in sunlit sheets
coming home for lunch instead of eating out; eat me.

Get rid of the home cooked meal you do once a year;
if I wanted over oiled onions and asparagus I'd be four inches wider
and this way I don't have to smile bulldozing starches like I like it.
Get rid of the display box of Godiva pre-selected chocolates;
hand dipped strawberries are two for $4.00 today, but four for $2 tomorrow.

Rub me down because you want to; and I'll reward you
with a hole or two. Right the wrongs of cliche gifts
and I'll let you finish anywhere. Remove the holiday
but keep me special and I'll be your Valentine every year.


And a Happy Naughty Everyday to you!
Loved this!

Yes! Happy Naughty Everyday! Absolutely! Thank you!


Is awesome. Glad I found your work, it's brilliant.

"hand dipped strawberries are two for $4.00 today, but four for $2 tomorrow." :D

Thank you!! I'm happy you liked it. Yay!

Like roses too. Outrageously expensive on the 14th. One year I told my boyfriend to get me stuff on the 16th. So much cheaper!

Who says pragmatism isn't romantic :D

OMG! This. Is. Erotic.
Fantastic poetry.
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.

science fiction, fantasy, erotica

Joe! Thank you! I laughed at the "." between each word. I'm so happy you liked it! I'm planning on giving your stuff a good read this evening when I can sit down to. I've been strapped for time lately.

Happy Valentines and for the continued attention :)

I liked this one. Valentine's Day like all the rest is so utterly and hopelessly commercialized. Your fuck you to towing the line is well noted and the aggressiveness of it all is channeled so superbly into erotic fantasy. Great stuff. I loved reading it, especially the line,

tug on my toes with my calf in your mouth

I don't know why but it sounded really sexy yet smart. Thanks!

It makes me sick seeing all the Valentine's cards three weeks before; like Christmas decorations up before Halloween. No thank you.

This is very high praise! Thank you for sharing it. I'm honored.

I'm glad you liked that image! Like a total foot, leg, and skin sensation but in a different way.

So greattt rhythm, energy and passion in the text!!!
So clear message about the fucking st. Valentine day! and no time for abstraction nooo :-)
It seems you wrote it after gym still full of adrenaline in veins!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing! I'm particularly proud of the "clear message" and "energy and passion" that shows up. Actually this was hastily done before working out; just after lunch. I was going to a meeting and had a few moments to write and this happened. SO perhaps my haste masqueraded as adrenaline!

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