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*****This poem is in response to Thank you @haisa, I expect to write a longer short story about this very post :)! Thanks for the inspiration!*****

A programmer, somewhere, calculated the exact
force it takes to break a human bone,
the precise point which skin opens fast
from applied mechanical force alone.

The dolls cannot damage their subjects
while they're entering them, taking them,
flipping over, twisting limbs, holding necks,
or their tools, parts plastic numb.

There were thousands of volunteers
to accept the pounding pleasure bots,
willing openings from girls to men fear-
lessly taking the robotic plastic cocks.

Those same programmers watched
from one-sided mirrors with clipboards
while their creations mangled, botched
personal interactions and rang orgasmic chords.


The other side of the @haisa history! gooodddd!!
Its nice and i've liked the contrast about the cold calculation of "the exact
force", that aseptic mathematical process with the supposed opposite target of getting hot sensations.
"thousands of volunteers" that was funny :-)

Thanks @sanchez.gomez70! I appreciate your enthusiasm and amusement. I was thinking about @haisa's story, and it struck me, "how does the robot know to flip the girl over correctly? Like what if they did it too hard. Would they break bones? Would they split skin? You wouldn't want your sex doll ripping limbs off. There has to be some calculation to force allowed against skin, against human bones.

I'm really enjoying thinking about this and will do more!

I'm loving this poem @jocelynlily! You added a layer of depth to the scientific aspect of making a sex robot functional and effective. I would imagine that in the early days of testing there were alot of "ouchies" or just awkward maneuvering. I can barely drive an rc car in a straight line, I can't imagine programming a tongue to deliver an orgasm! I am definitely excited to continue exploring this genre with you, there's a lot of potential here!

Well said! I can't wait to see where we take this.

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