I'm sorry

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My weaknesses are no more

When I feel your touch,

My destroys dry

When I investigate your eyes,

I realize I can be requesting,

I'm upset for adoring you to an extreme!

From the outset having you in my life,

I thought it was simply karma

Be that as it may, presently I understood

It's a gift in disquised

In spite of the fact that I feel generally some of the time

Cause i'm the envious sort!

Now and again I set up a discourse

Just to let you know

The amount you've harmed me

Yet, my rhetoric frequent me

When you ask me,

I'm talkactive however don't ask me

How I lose my words and feel torment in my throat considering something profound!

I don't know truly...

I believe i'm terrible at adoration

Cause I commit similar errors

That break the association between us,

In the event that I knew your depiction

Of your flawlessness cause i'm eager!

I have you and can't quit imagining!

At times i'm not irate

I'm harmed,

Possibly that is likewise common

To both of us cause I hear

Every one of your grumblings and they're not lies,

You're correct and i'm grieved

I wish you could confide in me!

I'm upset for every one of the inquiries,

Most likely you're pondering

Why I ask such a significant number of inquiries,

Well this is on the grounds that I dread excessively

It damages to figure I may be the scaffold

For you to traverse to your adored one

Absolution is all I inquire.

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