How i feel...

in #poetrylast year


I could compose a heap of papers

Attempting to write down

Everything about each feeling

I get when I consider you,

At the point when I see your name,

At the point when somebody specifies you,

A surge of sentiments scramble for the heart,

I can never really say it as one,

Cause it's each inconspicuous thing that helps me to remember you,

Is 'cheerful' enough?

I don't think so cause I'm not only content with you,

I'm captivated by the sentiment of being infatuated,

It feels like my first time,

I more likely than not negated previously,

I didn't know simply at that point

Be that as it may, presently I do,

"Do you guarantee to deal with this individual and not make him extremely upset?"

Truly, I do

Is that what your ears were longing to hear?

I wish it is, propelling the flying butterflies in my stomach,

I can smell the crisp rose of our bond,

I supplicate it never shrivel

That'd make me flimsier

Truly never did I have the desire

To go an additional mile,

Be that as it may, take a gander at me presently, I'm infatuated!


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