"Pathways Dimly Seen"

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Afrah, Addu City, Maldives.jpeg

Our paths are seldom obvious to us;
We step blindly or by instinct alone.
What once was sure and clearly in focus,
Has become dimly seen, almost unknown.

Where shines the sun so warm and so bright,
Is offset justly by darkness and night.
This is the balance of our creation,
The way of the world, no reason for fright.

The world is changing, as it always has,
Adapt or die is where our futures lie.
Knowledge and Wisdom of what always was,
Buffer the shocks of our days as they fly.

Old pathways submerge as new ones emerge,
Hold true to your hearts, denying all panic;
Believe in a world where loving will surge,
Resisting the tides turning so manic.

“Pathways dimly seen”

Jerry E Smith
Afrah, Addu City, Maldives

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