I'll Figure It Out

in #poetry3 years ago

figureitout copy.jpg

Your smile has this way
of turning my insides around and about
I don't know what it is
but I'll figure it out

The way your eyes search mine
sends chills up and down my spine
I've needed someone like you
for a very long time

I don't know what all of this is about
We haven't even touched
but I'll figure it out

Original poetry by: @jennifer78

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I know you are trying to think good thoughts right now, but things will get better. They always do.

"The way your eyes search mine..."
This line tells a lot abt feelings and true relationships.
You made my morning
Upvoted you...hope you too

Are you in love Jen? Thought I'd ask seeing as you told me that story. LOL

@colecenters You are so not funny. Last time I ever tell you a story!

It was a funny story.

@colecenters It's not that funny!

This is a funny story! I think you should tell it to everyone!

@vernonbaker Um, no, thanks. I'll pass on this one! haha

This is temporal, and...

You'll figure it out!

You have good support from family I see! This is awesome :)

@chiquibencomo A veces, querida. Depende del humor. Especialmente la de mi madre.

That was one nice poem, @jennifer78. Short but full of emotions.

@jap60 Thank you very much. I have had writer's block for many years when it comes to writing poetry, but recently have been inspired by watching films. If you knew what I was watching when some of these poems were written, you would think to yourself "How did she get that from this move?" haha

Well written @jennifer78 , Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

@sam0014 It does. And yesterday was a sad day for me. I put in a happy movie and got inspired, yet again, another movie-inspired poem. But after the movie, I was sad again. However, you are right, strength and courage go hand in hand. Thank you, my friend.

How cool is someone that says everything that's inside and results into these great and passionate lines, great job jen!

@johntkd Thank you! You would never guess that the inspiration came from a movie. I'm very flattered!