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Who are the heroes?
The world calls heroes
those who have shed blood,
those who have conquered many land;
those who have subjugated the helpless
because there is another design on its flag.
To the Conquerors of Space
that leaves an imprint on the moon,
those who break records on the slopes,
those who kill bulls and lions;
those who invent awesome weapons
that reduced to ruins nations.
His image, perpetuated in bronze or marble,
It is in the streets defying time.
Revere his ashes, the extolling
naming a street with his name,
trying to save them from oblivion.
They are the illustrious sons whose homelands
both have produced them enjoy!
For God, who gives the ruling that endures,
although man has them in his memory,
They are broken amphoras containing
only the grim echo of history.
In the ashes of centuries gone
There is an alphabet that man is not decrypted.
God reads him the name of his saints.
His supreme will and selective
the spells in indelible strokes
and fixed in the book of life.
intrepid fighters,
they felt their peppered steak
and they not fainted.
Athletes spirit,
who struggled with sin to death
and they did not fall.
Self-sacrificing martyrs,
they bled under the lash of the wicked
and they not blasphemed.
Creatures dust
who held the defiant look of Satan
and they did not blink.
aware worms,
they saw them coming against them
the terrifying machinery of the world
and they did not receded.
Worshippers unshakeable,
they heard the name of your God derided
and they not denied.willing slaves,
which they were diminished in their dignity inconceivably
and they not capitulated.
Run over in their own places of worship,
they did not give in to discouragement.
Buffeted by the despicable mockery,
They not learned to curse.
With the clutches of adversity in the throat
They not silenced his message.
With the sickle of death on them,
They not even thought of compromise.
The world qualified with the stupid,
filed in the file utopias,
He ignored them in the pages of history.
But Jehovah inscribed their names in the sky;


Nice image. Great poem. Upvoted!

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