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Looking at her scars
Peering through her pains
I found her weak and helpless
Took her in till she was hale and hearty


His arms warm and comforting
His gaze soft yet intense
His heart large and ready to accommodate
Despite hurting him with memories from my past


I want to gaze at the stars with you by my side
I want to brush your long flowing hair aside while I kiss your crescent shaped lips
I want to blow tiny whispers of "I love you" to your ears
Laying by your side till eternity


I can't bear to see him make all this sacrifices for me
He's giving up a lot just for me to be well again
I crave for the peace and comfort of his presence
But I can't bear to see his suffer anymore


She took her own life
Thinking she was liberating me from pains
When she only created a void within me
One that cannot be filled


The end of a beginning
Is the beginning of another beginning
Those are my last words
As I prepare to join you in the world beyond

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Inspired by my friend "Neera_Writes"


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