in poetry •  last year

The candles glow sends shadows dancing
across your photograph on the wall
my eyes convincing my mind
that there is movement in your smile
and for a moment you are here with me
It has been a forever since
we were in each others eyes
my wanderlust taking me from you
my feet toward my tomorrow
an empty future without you
time and distance have failed
to cover my self inflicted wounds
my heart still heavy with your love
every conversation walks us back
to where we know belonging
our souls forever one light
my one regret in this life
my pursuit of my me without you
I will not move into the after
with my soul searching forever
I'm coming, my love, and if it takes
a thousand lifetimes I will amend
and make you know my heart
is yours forever

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Glad you have enjoy this place and have somewhere to release your creative output. Facebook wouldn't appreciate what you have to offer. Bunch of sheep there.


Yup. Facebook gets pictures of my dinner and my blurb thoughts. Anything with substance goes on Steemit where I know it has an audience.