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  • As always the image is my own original, intended for this specific use.


You slept with your contacts in
And you woke up seeing red
The world seemed to be coughdrop colored
It felt familiar feeling dead

You walked to work with your shoes untied
Being followed by the rain
You felt like you were forgetting something
Maybe you forgot your brain

Your father said he was sorry
And then, at last, he died
You felt too empty at the time
But now you wish you’d cried

You felt the rain fade away
Then a warm light filled the skies
You wanted to find a rainbow
But a lampshade covered your eyes

Then you taught yourself to dance
At first you had some trouble
But then you waited for the world to end
So you could waltz around the rubble

Still, you ended up dancing all alone


This seems pretty sad but..this is still an amazing poem

Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I drew the image and wrote the poem during my 6th period class. It's always seems to be the quick-writes that sound best.

Very good what you have written congratulations

Thanks! Don't forget to check my other work out, I'm sure if you enjoyed this you will enjoy my other poems too!