A Page From My Diary

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A Page From My Diary

Throw shade at the sun
And sucker-punch the stars
Light fire to your memories
And throw your senses behind bars

They will just slow you down
So leave them behind
You are broke and alone
With a purpose to find

Stomp on the things
That are too much to handle
Then burn away the evidence
With a pine scented candle

Break free from the skin
That surrounds you like saran wrap
Make your own way in life
Just forget the map

Paint with new colors
And write upside-down
Create something peculiar
And they'll think it's profound

You're an artists at heart
Chalked full of eccentricities
You are able to express
Surpass the common with ease

Sketch what confuses them
Ignore what they see
Show them what it really means
To truly be free

You're an artist
So act like one


I like the old way of using rhyme at writing, even though it isn't my favourite scheme of poems. You're good! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks a bunch for the comment, it really means a lot. And I'm glad I could make that appealing to you.

Thanks a bunch!

You aren't just acting like an artist, you are one^^

Thank you!

You're welcome, but really, thank you!

Good poetry

Thanks, I will be sure to continue posting. I've got quite a few poems I'd like to share