[POEM] - 'Pocalypse Poetry's First 10 Rounds- All 180 Lines

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'Pocalypse Poetry

All 10 Entries In One

Good day Steemit. If you've been following the 'Pocalypse Poetry Challenge,
here's an easy read of all TEN of my current entries to the first ten rounds
of survival.

Please enjoy this compilation of my entries!



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The city has been a death trap for months,
the sewers have backed up onto the street.
There's not much left in this torn city,
to keep me another day on my feet.

The looters came first, left nothing good,
and the rioters burned the city to the ground,
It's been days, no, weeks, I've been surviving,
off crackers and a few cans of food I've found.

I took refuge in an abandoned apartment,
to get some rest, dream of my next 'meal'.
I looked for useful tools and equipment,
that would improve my chances a great deal.

It was then I heard banging downstairs;
Someone's trying to break in here!
I gathered my things and opened the window,
climbed out and down drenched in fear.

I made a run for the distance.
There's no way I'm dying today.
I need a place for the night,
somewhere safe to stay.

I found scissors in a flower shop,
and a big stick off a nearby tree,
but the van in the parking lot
next door is to where I'll flee.

This is my home for the night,
there's nowhere else to go.
I hope I wasn't followed here,
by that stranger I don't know.

Last night was rather quiet,
aside from random sound.
I'm rather lucky here,
for not being found.

The van wouldn't start up,
but it had half liter of fuel
so I siphoned it with a hose
because I'm no fool.

On foot now to the city's edge,
when up ahead I spot a glow.
It's a truck, but no one's around,
or do I really want to know?

I approach like a ninja,
and open the passenger door,
and there was one, two, three
guns, or maybe even more!

I considered my options,
then the rifle was mine.
With this little bessy,
I should be just fine.

I grabbed some ammo,
then to the forest I went,
and disappeared into darkness,
with no trace or scent.

With rifle in hand I make my way,
out of the forest and back into the frey.
My eyes and ears are turned to eleven,
because today's not my day to seek out heaven.

On the road now I see opportunity ahead,
an abandoned grocery store to search for bread,
or cans of food to survive another day
in a time where a morsel is a buffet.

I approach the store, making no sound,
knowing how unlikely anything will be found,
and just incase there's someone in there,
I have my rifle loaded and raised in the air.

I searched the grocery store,
and came up will all but null,
when someone else came in,
the day was suddenly less dull.

I was lucky enough then,
to not be caught or seen,
makes me wonder just,
how lucky I've been.

I left in a frantic hurry,
and headed down the street,
when suddenly behind me,
I heard the steps of feet.

She called out to me.
I had been made.
But it turns out she,
just wanted to trade.

My rifle for some food,
a chance to survive.
I reluctantly agreed,
to stay alive.

I had made the trade,
for two cans of food.
Having not ate a while,
I was in a better mood.

I ground the can
on the hard ground,
and inside some peas,
was what I had found.

I ate them all, now
back on my feet
and back down
the precarious street.

More opportunity ahead,
some abandoned stores,
broken windows,
missing doors.

The sporting goods place,
catches my attention,
so I search the first floor,
despite the tension.

The sporting good store didn't offer much,
but some water purification tablets in a drawer,
I searched around ever diligently yet,
I gave up after finding nothing more.

I stuck to the road out of the city,
somehow seen nobody on my way.
Now the Sun is starting to set,
and I think I'll call it a day.

It grew dark, and I grew tired,
when I spotted a silhouette ahead.
It was another person on the road,
and I felt a sense of dread.

I'm not sure if they spotted me,
but I'm not looking for a friend.
So I turned tail and got out of there,
because I want to survive to the end.

That was a close call,
I was almost caught.
Alive for now and,
still part of the plot.

I continued onward,
no one was around.
The streets were empty,
not a single sound.

Some plants in the sidewalk,
could be a snack,
but I kept on walkin'
and kept on track.

I come to a fork in the road,
maybe this is a good thing.
Although the path to the right,
has a dangerous ring.

Falling Hazards from above,
along the cliff path,
so I avoid this way,
to avoid nature's wrath.

I took the longer trail,
out of the city.
Lady luck is out now,
such a pity

Not but a hundred feet ahead,
a building I approached,
when from the windows,
men appeared and poached.

Shots rang out threw the air,
then major pains in my chest.
Turns out I'd been shot a bunch,
my failing of nature's big test.

Is this the end of me?
Did I go into the light?
Or will I arise an undead,
to torment the night?

My blood ran ever thin,
on the dusty crumbling road.
Am I really dead now,
with no message or forbode?

Suddenly I'm back at the road's fork,
before the decision was made.
A vision warned me off that path,
and onto the one I tried to evade.

The path wasn't as dangerous,
as the sign made it appear.
But the road out of the city,
brings a man with a chainsaw near.

The hippy man called me over,
wanted me to see something neat.
And although I was quite scared,
his happy demeanor had me beat.

His told me a tale of his survival,
and then reached for a small book.
It was a Plant Field Guide. How useful!
I'm damn glad I didn't suspect he was a crook.

I went on solo down the slope,
after making a new friend.
Maybe his little gift to me,
will see me through to the end.



good job i like you post you are really god on this

What a good idea, one marvellous epic piece.

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