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RE: The Sound and the Look of Time

in #poetry5 years ago

Well, today is Sept 22, one of the year's equinoxes (day and night last about the same). You have beautifully eulogized one of the most curious phenomena in our earth.
The idea of time and of timelessness (a time before time or a time without it) is mindblowing. What did it look like? What did it sound like?
The rocks seem to provide some hints at the astonishing power of time.
And yet, behind their sterility there is the "green womb of torpor", the life that sleeps till further notice.
The sound of time is like the sound of leaves falling and snow after them and green shoots after the melting of the snow and the sizzling sound summer heat.
The sound of fire and its engolfing palett and the crackling of colorless remants, they all speak the language of time.
We are obssessed with time but we rarely stop to listen to what it says. It says it can't be contained or represented or measured or defeated, but we are too busy making noise trying to acomplished the impossible.


This comment opened up time into an endless dimension, crashing in on itself: kaleidoscopic, robust hologram, compressed silence of every sound canceled, formless, endlessly generative, chameleon of destiny.

Thanks, @d-pend for your trade-marked worthsmithing :)
We can be as crazy as time.

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