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Where do we go when we dream?
Sinking low between the seams
Of what we think and how we feel,
Brought back to what we know is real.

Christ has risen higher and higher
Though He promised to return.
His cross became a funeral pier
And on and on we burn.

But earth is round and round it spins.
A cycle ends and then begins.
Everything we know as real
Is spinning like a ferris wheel.
Our lives begin wholly perfection,
Division comes with misdirection.

2013-12-19 21.09.07.jpg
Yet we burn with all our might
To flounder blindly towards the light.
It doesn't seem like we are learning
The truth of what it is we're burning.
We lose a world that's ours by right
To see it in a different light.

Internal Oneness knows what's real,
The center of the spinning wheel.
By sitting still we see it turn,
Light the fire, watch it burn.
Flames will only shine as light
When they burn in darkest night.

So feel the darkness pull you under.
Let go of fear and seize the wonder.
Break from the magic spell you're under.
We flashed like lightning. Now let's roll like thunder.


Pictures provided by the amazing, magical
except for the fire figures, that one I caught on my cell: )

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