A Million Zillion Tears

in poetry •  7 months ago

They say the eyes are the windows of the Soul.
How sad She must be to look out and see
All that was once always one,
The holy, holy wholly whole, shattered
Into a million zillion pieces.
She must have cried a million zillion tears
For all of those pieces.
Cried more for the ones
that don't even that know
They're shattered pieces of shattered pieces.

We once were one,
Back in the day our infant eyes were blind.
But as the pundits are known to say,
The eye can't see itself.

Self reflection needs division.
Evolution is inner fission.
Torn in two, the cost of vision.

Torn in two becoming four
Two to go between them,
Back and fourth.
Some opposites do not attract
But are mutually exclusive.

Dark won't tolerate the light.
It's only sunset and sunrise
That offset high noon and midnight.
So we see the cycle.

So our Souls
Don't cry their tears
Forever without end.
After She's cried her millionth zillionth
She brings us home to one again.

Pictures provided by the amazing, magical https://pixabay.com

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