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I came throughout a e-book by way of coincidence that stimulated me to write this poem. I felt that I had observed this ebook for a purpose. changed into I being organized for some thing? i was quickly to discover. a few months later my sister became recognized with cancer; she was best 49, and she lost her conflict just six weeks later. I now know that she is on this beautiful location and whilst my time comes I haven't any fear of joining her. This poem describes the arena we go to and what is waiting for us while we pass to the alternative side.
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I feel the warm temperature upon my face as I input the land of God's excellent grace,
buddies and cherished ones gone earlier than, ready right here past the door.
With open hands they welcome me, amazement in my eyes they see.
They look so properly and at their satisfactory, beauty beholds them now they relaxation.

I walk across the grass so inexperienced, the greenest grass i have ever seen,
I bounce and bypass and bounce on air, it's nearly like there is nothing there.
A sky of blue, now not a cloud in sight, perpetual day no darkest night.
each flower is in complete bloom, undefined shades of every hue.

The streams and rivers crystal clean, no garbage or decay found here.
the ocean is calm and turquoise blue, I lengthy to check it, would not you?
The softest sand under my ft, on the water's part wherein they both meet.
The warmest waters gently glide, bathing me from head to toe.

A metropolis built of alabaster walls, where translucent light eliminates the halls.
Theatres of music and concerts too, brilliant galleries for all to view.
wonderful points of interest for me to look, I just wander in, there is no entrance rate.
Libraries stacked with books galore, history, technological know-how and many more.

The celestial sun does forever shine, it is a super temperature all the time.
Orchards right here overflow with fruit, a flavor in itself this is quite high-quality.
i'm informed it'll assist my soul to repair, choose what i really like, there's plenty more.
This airy undeniable is a natural pleasure, it's my new domestic, my God given proper.

there's not anything right here to purpose me worry, the Lord protects inside his sphere.
An infinity of ideal peace, from the toils of earth i am now released.
i have landed on a higher realm, in ideal harmony to forever reside.
So consider when I inform you my dear friends, you cannot die, life by no means ends.