One Step Behind (Poem)

in #poetry2 years ago (edited)

I will always be one step behind you,
catching your tears of joy,
right before they die missing you.
Also, of course, your other tears,
hugging them, comforting them,
and finding myself in the stories they tell:
How they were once part of you.
Then, became, in a moment of emotion,
means to communication.
Now the storm has passed
and I stayed, along with them,
One step behind you.

Seeking, desperately
A moment when you’d need us
When you’d need support,
Or some companions in happiness
Or pain, or even silliness.
When you’d look around
To analyze your reality
For I am part of your world after all
Even if I’m one step behind you.

Unlike breathing,
Talking to you is a necessity I plan for,
I think about it, smiling.
I can’t count the times I felt the urge to say something to you
Just to feel that I have my share of your attention,
To claim — or test — my possession
To that intimate being
That earning some of which
Means owning…
Not the world, but Bliss!
For one is worthless
While the other is priceless.
One is all around
While the other is unreachable
From one step behind you.


سأكون دائما خلفك بخطوة
ألتقط دموع فرحك
قبل أن تموت شوقا لك
بالطبع وأيضا دموعك الأخرى
أعانقها وأواسيها
وأجد نفسي في الحكايات التي ترويها
كيف كانت جزءا منك
فصارت في لحظة عاطفة
وسيلة للتعبير.
ثم مرت العاصفة
وظللت أنا وهي
خلفك بخطوة

نتأمل بيأس لعلّك تحتاجيننا للحظة
لعلّك تحتاجين سندا
أو شركاء سعادة
أو وجع أو حتّى سخافة
فتلتفتين حولك
لتتمعّني واقعك
فأنا رغم كلّ شيء جزء من عالمك
وإن كنت خلفك بخطوة.

على خلاف التّنفس‘
الحديث معك ضرورة أخطّط لها ‘
أفكّر فيها و أبتسم للفكرة.
أعجز عن عدّ المرّات التي أحتاج فيها إلى أن أقول شيئا لك
أيّ شيء
فقط لأحسّ أنّ لي نصيبا من انتباهك
لكي أعلن ملكيتي ، بل أختبرها
لذلك الكائن الحميميّ
الذي كلّما ظفرت ببعضه
ملكت العالم ‘
بل النّعيم
فشتّان بين ما لا يساوي شيئا
وما لا يساويه شيء.
بين ما هو في كلّ مكان
وما لا يمكن إدراكه
من خلفك بخطوة.

© Hazem Ben Salem

Many thanks to @calluna for helping me edit the English version <3


A really well thought out poem that flows perfectly, it must have taken you some time to perfect but was well worth it. Hopefully this works now !COFFEEA

Thanks for the comment, I haven't seen it earlier (sorry) and thanks for the coffeea :D
Yes it took me a while to write it. Let me tell you a secret :p it's not all about one girl, I wrote the first part about one, then finished it about another lol
And now it all works very well since I'm back to my senses hehehe

beautiful.. and Im guessing that your feelings have not diminished.. but only grown stronger!

miss you friend :)

Told you I'm healing :p
This is just a poem lol

Hmmmmm. Don't believe lololol

Where do poems come from???? The heart! Lol

But what doest the heart know :p

It is a very tricky organ....that heart lol

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Deep poetry.

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