My Green Land

in poetry •  last year 


  • I’m from the land of the brave
    A people whose resilience can’t be graved
    A land full of giant minds, giant stature
    A people well natured, well cultured.

  • In my home, we turn water into wine everyday
    We grow forests in rocks, we create rivers in deserts
    When it is said to be impossible, we show up and make it happen
    We don’t know how to be hopeless, we constantly find loopholes.


  • I’m from the land of the gifted
    Of great writers, of genius craftsmen
    Of excellent artists, of unparalleled composers
    Unrivalled athletes
    Of innovators and of inventors.

  • I’m from the land of believers
    The embracers of deity
    Lovers of the supernatural
    Seekers of truth to the very depths.


  • We wear dignity as apparel
    A good name as attire
    We answer the call to inspire
    We don’t know how to retire.

  • Wars couldn’t undo us
    Persecution wouldn’t diminish us
    Bombs can’t drown our spirit
    We don’t know how to stop persevering.

We the giant of Africa

We are the Green White Green
We are Nigeria.


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It was good to read the writing. The description was very good. Heart touching writing. Want more of this beautiful writing. Waiting for the next post. Take care....... :)