- - - ZoomZoom & ZoomZoom - - - Sound Poem #2 by @greatDabu

in poetry •  3 years ago  (edited)


zoom out

there’s more

here in  the sense-around

sense-around realm


our physical lives

where time 

is the game

zoom out 





zooming out

zooming in

outy outy out out

in and in

ZoomZoom & ZoomZoomZoom

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yay, another sound poem @greatdabu! thank you. mellow and fun :) yep, sometimes we need to zoom-in, other times we need to zoom-out to get the correct perspective of our surroundings and Realize! love it !

Super cool. Just threw a few steembucks at promoting this, because people who see it will probably love it.

Muchos Appreciatos !!!