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Like a gentleman he was
Crawled down solemly
One of his knee kissed the earth
The other gazed at me from his
Smoothly presses trousers
Amidst friends and foes
His eyes beheld mine in sweet romance
His lower labial let loose, lowering a little
like a pink hibiscus awakened by the early sprinkles
Amazed was I, lost in lucid confusions
my heart skipped its beat while i
waited to hear those words
my father pronounced to my mother
Accompanied by a smiling diamond
Buried in a squarelike ring tomb
but the wait did not wait for long
with a soto volce, these words came along;

Will you take my hand
follow me
Into this unknown land?
Where we get to know love and
In one heart shall we be
Let us not sit behind
Our stares any longer
For if a day goes by when
I can't see your face
Or feel your heart in warm embrace
I would embark on a mountain chase
To find you without any haste
For years, this play i tried to flee
Like a bee, kept on stingin me
To be complete, you and I must be
Here I am on bended knee
So i ask you to take a journey with me
To live together with bliss
For love begins with a dance
then blossom into romance
A happy together, An Assurance
My request is simply

Will you marry me?

excerpts from a poem; no one will read, lol


This sounds like sacarsm

For love begins with a dance
then blossom into romance

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for dropping by @murphylee

I will read it😁😁😁

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