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I am not hungry
I am angry
Do not confuse my fatigue! with fatigue
I am not tired, I am tired!

I am tired! of not being wined and dined
Of being mined and drilled
My soul is not a resource
I am a source of my own soul
A reason for my own claim,
a season of my own year
a beverage for my own thirst
I am not average I am first
Stretch your ears wider I am about to burst;

I have been taught to smile in the inside
to hold it in with both hands
and cry on the outside
to pump them out with both eyes
and heal on the inside
to conceal them delicately with plaster
and bleed on the outside
to wet the dirt with blood that will catch the eye
with blood that will say, I am not angry I am hungry.
no No NO!
I am not hungry I am angry.

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Nice work. The message it carries says it all.👍

I trust you know I can relate to your write and the power you have written it with. Certainly no understatement, most definitely not an overstatement, absolutely a powerful statement. You are on my list of those I want to hear from, thank you. Best.

Definitely that´s just the thing with us poets, we speak the same language:) Thank you I am following up on your work as well my friend, ENOUGH is amazing!!! let´s keep contact :)

This is an amazing job, I like it.