"Dictator in My Mind" by George Mason

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Tightening of the stomach, the thoughts won't go away.

It has me by the throat, I try to be different but it's noose gets tighter.

I am walking dead as the clock is ticking, I can see it coming, every day more will be taken until I am standing with nothing.

Unable to sit down and unable to sleep, humbled and shattered in a wasteland of my own mind, I am nothing and nobody, it will all be taken.

Self protection is now self destruction, they are in my emotions and wont ever leave, the one thing I had left was me, I am now my greatest enemy.

I used to be something, now I am nothing.

(Howard Hughes; who suffered from chronic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


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Great poem. Very powerful. Thanks for sharing....appreciated

Hey thanks a lot, I appreciate that :-)

Please follow, up-vote, comment and re-steem, happy to do likewise :-)