The World

in poetry •  11 months ago

I'm Embracing myself
I'm my self's lover
Feeling magical like an elf
I can make you feel stronger

I connect with the world
Because I'm a soul
Which was created by God
I'll tell you if you wanna know


I am the world
And you're the world
The world is me and you
It's in our blood

The world means human and souls
It means water and mud
It represents fire and air
It means tornado it means flood

The world means animal
It's the atmosphere
It's also handicapped
But contains everywhere


It's what you know
And what you don't know
It's dark and slow
Fast and can glow

It's day and night
Dull and bright
Poor and rich
Sweet but it can itch

The world is your biggest doom
It's your biggest room
It's your biggest fortune
Can turn you empty and can make you full.

Beware of the world
And be close to the world
But note this word....
You cannot identify it in one word...

Post written @morahn, edited and posted by @camzy

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