The Future

in #poetry2 years ago

Who am I?
I am an infant, a member of the infantry who fights the battles of tomorrow.
I am a child
I may be a bit wild but do not be riled,
I am not senile, I'm simply tensile of my profession to take this world into our possession,
To remove this city from a state of decay and remould it like it is wet clay,
Then let it dry for the day and then serve it to the next generation of our generation on a tray.
I am a boy,
The battles that I will fight are more intense than the battle at Troy,
They bring a warrant to arrest my power but I simply say,
"Take it, it yours!"
My power is not something that can be stripped for I am ripped with the muscles of the greatest,
We are arrows in the hands of the mighty and thus we are mighty,
The might of an archer is in his sight and what greater archer is there than the one who sees all,
So why won't we answer that call to be drawn on that string?
Our Father is the King of KIngs and thus we are the Princes and Princesses of Princes and Princesses.
Our lives are going to be more than an awesome show and trust me, you're going to want the front row.
We are seeds planted to lead and impede the forces of darkness,
We are the tense after the present,
We are the present of tomorrow,
And the essence of our presence is to conquer.
We are part of the Lord's military strength and heck yea we have a massive bunker and that bunker is in the secret place of the Most High.
Our huge dreams may make us sound high but you know what?
We are high,
We're high on the spirit and the only thing we're popping is the truth!
We are hope, like soap to clean the world so they can all see the Word.
And if you're still wondering who I am, better yet, who we are?
We, are the future!

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