Further Beyond (Plus Ultra)

in #poetry3 years ago

Trying to achieve total concentration can be a frustration.
Sometimes you think you need divine visitation,
When all you need is simply dedication and determination.
The thing about focus is that it isn't some hocus-pocus.
Its kinda like when you're writing a rhyme and then you fall into the time,
A time of splendor and when you feel high on your creativity,
Kinda like you reach a higher state of sensitivity,
Having a sonar in your mind,
Picking up all the cool punchlines.
You feel like you're on a boat,
And you're on a role,
That you're in your zone,
You'd probably shout "I'm on fire today!".

But then it all just stops.
That state of ecstasy just drops,
And then you feel like you're in a penalty,
A pen halting.
Happens a lot when you're not good at something,
Reaching a certain place and then just into nothing.
But when you've got Christ you've got no crisis.
He won't make you run into anything,
Instead He won't let you stop at anything so you can reach your destination,
And then He'll make you known across the nation.
When you have the spirit of the Lord and you read His word,
You'll know you can conquer anything,
You can conquer everything.
If something's in your way like a wall,
The first thing that comes to mind is how you're gonna make it fall.
Good thought but that's not what you should be thinking,
You should just believe that:
''Maxima et optima tollet vos longius, quam reliquum".
Pardon me for the Latin but it simply says,
The greatest and the best will take me further than the rest.
Even when you fall, He'll still answer your call.
Don't give up because He's gonna pick you up.
The Lord is taking you Further Beyond, Plus Ultra.
You have no limitations when it comes to reaching your destination.
He won't let you land in the pound because He didn't make you bound.
He'll make you great,
This is your time to shine,
In your life there will be no lines.
Exceeding expectations,
Crossing all limitations,
Overcoming confrontations,
Being known across the nations,
That is what it means to go Further Beyond,
Because you enter the great beyond,
Your wildest dreams become your simple realities,
You'll never know nothing like depravity.
When you've got Jesus you can't fail,
He'll always make you prevail,
With just the right attitude,
God's gonna change your altitude,
And you're gonna go at a greater magnitude.
You're gonna go from glory to glory,
And God's gonna write your story.
Take this words to heart and keep them in your mind,
No matter how vile,
Or how bad the vibe,
Or how your life's going,
God is gonna take you,

Thank You.

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