A Handful of Haiku to Greet the Day

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Venice in Dusk.jpg

Love and Life:
I lose myself
in your wild eyes—
A phone rings.


Dawn settles
over a setting world.
A day to sleep in.


Man at work
dreams of home.
A coffee break.


A Frozen Moment:
Three short breaths,
express an idea.
A haiku's birth.


Constructing Freedom:
Standing on scaffolding,
between earth
and sky.
Longing for bird-weather.

It's been a while since I've written haiku, and while I believe well-written haiku are very hard to write, and I'm far from a master or even an adept of writing them, I do like the form.

I wrote one of these last night, and the rest this morning on the way to work. I hope these present you some moments of enjoyment as you go through your day. I believe poetry can be such panacea - not just for momentous occasions, but for the everyday life. For the everyday moments.

Thanks to @dbooster for rekindling my interest in haiku this year.

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I read these with the theme music of titanic played on a piano. And it made the writing so much better. I loved it. :D

Good music can make anything better, though this specific music doesn't seem to fit the haiku too well in my mind, so that's interesting!

Titanic theme on piano goes with everything for me tbh. :)

I, too, am glad for @dbooster and his excellent haiku articles.

I enjoy all of the haiku you have here, but that first one is truly excellent. It has the perfect twist for this day and age. It resonates on a number of different levels - the feeling of love, the pull to get the phone.

I try very hard not to get my phone out when I am talking with someone face to face, but it can be difficult at times.

I think it was the Haiku Contest Results that gave me the urge to write haiku again.

Then I wrote the very first haiku in this collection.
And it was good enough to make me come up with the next four poems on the way to work. So yeah, I definitely hear you. I know it's brash of me to say so myself, but I do feel the first haiku is perfect, in terms of encapsulating all that a haiku should be.

And yeah, I very rarely check my phone or anything else while talking to people. It keeps making me shake my head when I see people do that.

Enjoyed this light, but nutritious breakfast (yes, I've food on the mind this morn :)

The meta of Frozen Moments' "three short breaths", and the lovely yearning of Constructing Freedom. "Scaffolding" is good; "Longing for bird-weather" is a beaut. Thank you, for these, Guy _/|\_

I wanted to ask if one does not always have food on the mind in the morning? Then remembered that it was about the time Ramadan started, so that makes it even more apt.

Somehow haiku always puts me in mind of meta, must be because of how strict it is in its rules, though of recent, after talking with @dbooster you can see that I'm no longer strictly following the rules, except where it follows my goal, as a meta-comment.

Here is another ars poetic haiku I wrote in 2007.

While your flowers fall,
my own mind is mesmerised,

And glad you liked these! I knew I had to finish the collection with Constructing Freedom, because that last line is my favourite too. I know you shouldn't have favourites among your children, but sometimes you can't help it ;-)

Fabulous grouping!

Thank you!

Though the first sort of didn't belong, but I'm still not fully comfortable publishing a single haiku for a post, I guess.

Yeah, I feel you on that. I really love a grouping via this format. A Haiku on a page in a book always seems beautiful to me though. Hell, writing in general seems more beautiful to me when it's on paper and in my hands.

I did like these, and the mention of sleep in reference to you made me smile. I long for bird-weather too. :)

I'm glad you liked them! See, you do like some of my stuff ;-)

And I think to be human is to long for bird-weather :)

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