A poem called: 'The Earth Needs Healing'

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The skyline soars
The clouds go boom;
A sight so frightening
The darkness ends soon.

The mountains echo
The rains pour down;
All creation groans
Until the Lord's feet touch down.

The earth needs healing,
We've had enough screaming;
To take up our spiritual weapon,
The Lord of all has beckoned.

'Faith as small as a mustard seed'.
You are blessed,
These final generations do consummate their family tree.

'If anyone is destined for captivity,
To captivity he goes'.
Hold you head up high,
Into the heavenly congregation we go.

Bind the enemies power,
Now is the chosen hour.
Decree and declare,
To the enemy your words be sour.

Heavenly Father I am your child,
May these words ring true.
I draw warrior angels to me,
Those that swear allegiance to you.

In the name of the Lord Jesus,
I give them authority and power to;
To protect all of your bond-servants,
Especially when they proclaim the truth.

Now is our time,
Pour out your grace and let us shine.
Bind the enemies and break their teeth,
Cast them into the depths beneath.

Don't hide your face from us Lord,
I decree your angels must protect the meek.

By Kier Collins (@galacticvagabond)

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