A poem called: 'He Left His Kingly Estate'

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Christ is risen,
Christ has ascended;
How blessed is the man,
Whom by Christ is not offended.

Through the cosmos,
Under the ocean;
I watch and wait,
For Him, heaven's door to open.

Blessed from birth,
His wisdom widely known;
His blood's worth,
The believer's free gift home.

He left His kingly estate,
For us He changed His fate;
The prince to an other-worldly kingdom,
Forever we will sing to Him.

Not a forced declaration of service,
Not an imposed upon way of worship.

Freely we entrust our soul to He,
Willingly He laid down His life for we.
So often flippantly remarked,
He died for you - The only reason we shall depart.

By Kier Collins (@galacticvagabond)

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