A poem called: 'Giver of Imperishable treasure'

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Wise beyond measure,
Giver of imperishable treasure.
His domain a place for the faithful to attain,
Humility will forever allow us to remain.

Lift up your hearts,
Soon we shall depart.
Not a chance thing you see,
God's Holy Spirit to rest within thee.

A gift from God,
Manifest through the son;
A valiant cause for song,
To unconditionally love everyone.

The conception at Pentecost,
A bid to save all who are lost;
Two thousand years have passed,
His promise will be made true at last.

With earnest prayer
And selfless deeds;
A meeting in the air,
I implore you to take heed.

He is the One,
He is our saviour;
We will sing His song
If we mind our behaviour.

A fateful epoch,
we have won the lottery;
Born at the end of humanity's clock,
'Come follow me' - empowering words from He.

Trust in the Lord,
Accept the eternal reward;
We are bond-servants of Christ,
For He willingly paid the price.

His life for the world,
I owe him my allegiance,
Humanity's herald,
We are freed from all grievance.

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