A poem called: 'Faith, Hope and Love'

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Life travels slow
The years move fast;
The key to the future,
Embedded in our past.

Fighting and feuding all over the world,
Dreaming and hoping since the age of a young girl.
Bring your hope back once again,
The king will come, He shall descend.

Faith, hope and love,
May our names be written in His book.
The lamb's book of life,
Entry free from monetary price.

A changing of the heart,
A renewing of the mind;
Reverence and awe for our maker,
He is the unmatched creator.

From heavens end to the depths below,
The magnitude of His might and wonder
One day we will will know.
Are you ready to go?

By Kier Collins AKA @galacticvagabond

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